Baby Bottle Boomerang

The Baby Bottle Boomerang is a great way for your church or group to get involved and serve Sav-A-Life without necessarily having to schedule a big event on the calendar.

It's easy: we provide bottles, big and small, and we can deliver them to you. All you do is select a launch date and let people take the bottles home to fill with loose change or bills (or even checks). We ask people to collect the bottles 3-4 weeks after launch, and then we will come by to pick them up and do all the totaling. We provide all of the materials and promotional information you need to make it easy for you! And this project is great because the whole family can get involved.


This project can be flexible on time frames as well. Many churches launch on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January, and others choose to participate in celebration of Mother's Day in May. But we can schedule around what works for you based on your church's calendar or availability.

It might not seem like it would make much of a difference, filling a few bottles with loose change. But when the entire body of Christ comes together and each does their part, it can make a huge impact! Last year, we raised about $20,000 through this campaign, and we hope to see it grow and expand in years to come as more churches and groups get involved.